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Zero-hour contracts: the good, the bad, the context

With party conference season over for another year, zero-hour contracts are still a key part of many political manifestos. Seeing as this topic clearly isn’t going away any time soon, managers should consider the fairness and effectiveness of these contracts if they […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

Drug Testing at Music Festivals – Keeping People Safe or Condoning Illegal Activity?

Image Source: Clip2Art So, what is the problem? Music festival goers have been indulging in recreational drug use for decades, it is certainly not new news. However, with drug related deaths at these types of events on the […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

Should Events Cost The Earth?

Environmental sustainability is a current hot topic, encouraging event managers to change their plans and adapt to greener events. The United Nations defines sustainable development as one which “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

This potential new law will affect your events… Are you ready?

The Vegan Society have launched a new petition to make it a legal requirement for public sector organisations to provide vegan options. Change is coming… What does this mean for public sector events?   The Growth of Veganism  […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

The Glitter Hangover…What Happens After The Festival?

  Credit to The Rise of Glitter and Its Imminent Doom: After another summer comes to a close, the festival season with its elaborate outfits, flamboyant make up and crazy behaviour is put away for the colder […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

Music Festival Event Managers, are we turning a blind eye to this growing epidemic?

Since 2015, there has been a 108% increase in reports of drink spiking to UK police forces. How aware of the growing phenomenon surrounding drinks being spiked with drugs at festivals are you? Your Duty of Care It […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

Plastic waste crisis – What can sport events managers do to produce a plastic-free sport event?

Why it is a contemporary issue? Masses of plastic waste, which is usually left behind at sport events, has raised concern amongst both event managers and event attendees due to the impact that this has upon the environment. It is never hard to notice, or […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018  

It’s the first day of the best years of your life… right?

Well, for many students these are becoming some of the worst days of their lives, due to an increasing number of drug related deaths or casualties during student events. Manchester’s student union, for example, are feeling the increasing pressure […]

  Autumn 2018 5 November 2018