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How can event managers make event travel more sustainable?

Transportation issues are causing a variety of problems at events and affecting large amounts of co2 emissions to be released into the air.  Travel and transportation to events have a large impact on co2 emissions being released into […]

  Spring 2016 2 March 2016  


What is happening now? It Is well researched that the current levels of water consumption are unsustainable. Water scarcity is a global issue and it is estimated that… 1.8 billion people will be living in water scarce areas by […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Make a stand to change our Transport Systems!

Is Transport an essential tool for events? Transportation issues are increasing, as event managers are constantly identifying ways to improve the sustainability transport in future years. However, transportation is imposing in large costs and lost in traffic congestion. As a result of this, event managers […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Food for Thought

Ever thought about what goes into that tasty burger you’ve eaten? Now I’m not just talking about what meat it was, or if there was some lettuce and tomato in it, what about how the animal has been […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Recycling Kills Consumers Guilt

Does recycling diminish responsible consumption? There are many studies about the environmental impacts of waste heading to landfill and with a growing number of events held in the UK is recycling the only answer. Like all businesses the […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Green Festivals: Who should hold the responsibility?

The festival organiser or the festival attendee? As much as festivals are an ever-growing aspect of the events world, the ‘greening’ of such events is an increasing concept in the environmentalist world. Today, the UK festival industry accounts […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Wasting Away or Saving the Day? Food Management– our Biggest Challenge in Sustainable Events?

Why should events professionals care about food waste and management? What can we do to make our audiences aware of this issue, and how can we make it fun? Food waste is a global problem which affects us […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

The Debate is arising – Who Changes Change?

Events are widely recognised as an important phenomena, with many corporate companies gaining benefit from the social, economic, and cultural potential of events,but who implicates the change towards sustainable events? Where does the drive for a more sustainable industry derive from? […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Have Festival Organisers Thought About The Local Community?

Have Festival Organisers Thought About The Local Community? For many people today, the excitement of a festival begins from the moment they’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket, to booking the time off work, buying their wellies […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016  

Festivals – The future is green

For many music enthusiasts, festivals are an essential part of the summer period, there’s nothing we love more than to relax in the sun with a cold drink, good company and equally good music. Research by Linzi Nuttall […]

  Spring 2016 1 March 2016