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With public and media attention rising on sustainability, students are seeking a university experience that empowers them as professionals and future change agents for sustainability in the widest range of industries and careers. The University’s Learning Innovation for Tomorrow programme supports our academic teams to develop these kinds of projects and assignments across the curriculum.

This session shared insights from project leaders of four new LIFT projects that have created dynamic and thought-provoking learning for our students, which also enable our staff to develop powerful collaborations on this agenda with academic, business and community partners, spanning a range of Business and Design course groups, as well as Social Work, Psychology and Performing Arts.


Dr Alex Ryan, Director of Sustainability

1. Soundbites

Dr Matthew Lovett (Media) and Dr Michelle Williams (Art & Design)

2. Virtual Reality for Social Work and Sustainability

Suzanne Sheldon (Health & Social Care) and Dr Liz Swift (Art & Design)

3. Radical Sustainability

Dr Alex Ryan (Sustainability), Dr Don Parker (Art & Design) and Rachel Vieira (Business & Technology)

4. Forward Thinking

Clair Greenaway, Dr Alan Marvell and Rachel Vieira (Business & Technology)

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