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Women Negotiating Academia: Empowerment and Challenges

An informal discussion hosted by the Women Professors’ Group and the UoG Women’s Network

Recording of the Q&A webinar

This session explored the ways that women can support and empower each other to strive for and to achieve career and personal goals within this university and in academia at large.

The session introduced the aims and work of the university’s Women Professors’ Group and included the following three conversations about journeys, career paths and personal development: 

1. Prof. Anne Goodenough and Dr. Rachel Sumner (UoG Early Career Network)

2. Prof. Melanie Ilic and Dr. Adeela Shafi (Associate Professor in Education)

3. Prof. Ros Jennings and Gemma Howlett (UoG Women’s Network)

Building on these conversations was a discussion open to all those attending online, which was facilitated by Prof. Jacqueline Wheatcroft and Prof. Jenny Hill.

The proposed outcome will be to scope the development needs of women in the university and aim to design an appropriate programme of support.

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