MA students set to work on the Dymock Poets collection

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Dymock Poets

Since the autumn term our MA Creative and Critical Writing students have been working on a project with our Dymock Poets special collection. Ash, Chloe, Matt and Senja are working on a new play based on the poets that’ll be premiered at The Everyman Theatre in June. They’ve been using the material we hold in the Special Collections and Archives to inspire their writing.

Chloe and Ash working on the material

Alongside the creative writing process, the students have also been box-listing previously unsorted material belonging to Myfanwy Thomas, Edward Thomas’s daughter. After receiving a large deposit of material, the first step an archivist will take in the cataloguing process is to box-list the contents, briefly summarising what’s there, before sorting, arranging and describing in more detail.

Matt box-listing

Each student is working through an individual box, and their efforts will help to make previously inaccessible material accessible to researchers.

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