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The University Archive is the official repository for the historic records of the University of Gloucestershire and its antecedents since its original foundation as the Cheltenham Training College in 1847. The records included within the collection reflect a long and distinguished history over the past 170 years.

The archive comprises many different formats, including documents, manuscripts, deeds, reports, publicity, maps and plans, photographs, multimedia, clothing and artifacts.

Material is wide and varied, giving snapshots into life as a student or staff member from the Victorian era right through to the present day. It reinforces a sense of community and identity throughout the history of the institution.

A list of the University Archive content categories can be found here and gives information on the nature and scope of the collection. Access to some categories such as staff records may be restricted in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). For all enquiries please email

Much of the content of the University Archive has been donated by former staff and students. We are constantly working towards the future of the archive and are active in sourcing new material to fill in the blanks. We welcome new material which depicts both the history of the institution and the present — as today’s items will become tomorrow’s archive. Please contact us if you think you have anything of interest.

Donations from former students and members of staff have been catalogued and are available to search here.

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