Getting going

Come and join us as our programme for the term gets going fully.

At Park Faith Space:

  • On Tuesday at 12.30pm we will be gathering for A Walk in the Park with the dogs
  • On Wednesday at 1pm our first Big Questions Cafe of the term, will involved free lunch and lively conversation from a range of faiths and world views
  • On Thursday Soul Space will now begin at 8.30am for gentle prayer and breakfast
  • On Friday the Friday Bake will be at 2.30pm making muffins, followed by Breathe now at 4.30pm

At FCH Chapel:

  • On Monday at 5.15pm Cake & Chat begins again – with hellos and a farewell
  • On Wednesday at 5.00pm at Soul Food we’ll be reflecting on a poem together.
  • Then from 7.00pm – 9.00pm World Cafe will be taking over the Chapel as usual for table tennis, games and hot chocolate on tap.
  • On Thursday at 12.30pm our Communion will be in the Faith Space followed by lunch (as the Chapel is in use).
  • Later on Thursday at 7.30pm the University and Community Choir begins again – come and give it a try!

At Oxstalls Faith Space:

  • On Tuesday at 8.30am we gather at Soul Space for prayers and croissants
  • On Thursday at 12.30pm we’ll be making things at Crafty Lunchtime
  • Later at 4.30pm in the afternoon we come together for Cake & Chat

Pittville Faith Space will be open all week, and Jon our Chaplain will be around at Monday teatime and Thursday lunctime.

You might also be interested in this lecture on John’s Gospel by a visiting Cambridge professor:


Ian Davies says:

Thanks for the reminder.
I can’t quiet read the details of the lecture on the poster. So, perhaps you might state the date, time & location.

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