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From our Muslim chaplain

Dear students and staff alike,  During this period of instability, just remember, you’re no less valuable as a human being just because you can’t get to work, get to classes and meet each other face to face at the moment. We’re all struggling to get to grips with this novel way of working, home-schooling and spending quality time with our loved ones- all at the same time and in the same space. The juggling that every single one of us has to do is unprecedented. 
Not you, not I, not your partner or even the younger members of our household have ever had to deal with something like this. So firstly spare a thought for them. My little 3 year old is itching to go back to nursery, every single day! And if my eleven year old moans to me once more, that she’s bored, I’m probably going to hit the roof! Sometimes, you know it is during boredom that people come up with the greatest ideas! Check this out…

Now too many people out there are letting this whole virus situation get them down, which is understandable to a point, but too many people are starting to believe that they are “worthless” and “lost”, but you’re not. This time will pass. This period of change and confusion does not define you or any of us. Work on building yourself up during this time away from the daily rat race. 

Find peace and find joy in your own company as much as you can. 

There is peace to be found in being in your cocoon right now.. and when we emerge… and we will emerge… hopefully we’ll be all the stronger for it. Use this time to remind yourself of what used to matter to you. Reconnect with what makes you happy. Let us reevaluate the way we’ve been living our lives, and when our second chance to be out in the world comes… let’s use the realisations we come to during this lockdown to make some changes for the better in our lives. This “lockdown” does not need to be a “waste of time”, instead it should be our chance to click refresh on all the things we’ve needed to change in our lives for so long but haven’t had the time, courage or energy to change. Well, now is the time. Let’s use it wisely and be more forgiving and patient with ourselves. 

Take careAtique MiahMuslim Chaplain

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