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The university’s Learning Innovation for Tomorrow (LIFT) programme supports academic teams to develop university experiences that are building the capacity of staff and students to create more equal and resilient futures for people and planet not just profit, in the widest range of industries and careers.

Designing learning for the future is a journey in uncharted waters, with multiple industry disruptions, new turbulence on graduate employment oceans and rapid changes in the move to blended learning and online engagement. How can we design learning that equips our students to navigate the new weather patterns moving across our health and care services, economies and ecosystems?

This LIFT Lab shares stories from the 2019/20 LIFT projects working on curriculum enrichment and student development with their subject communities, partners and across the university. Join us online for lighting presentations from the project leaders and the chance to discuss the latest experiments and student views in the academic space around sustainability.

Recording of the LIFT presentations and discussion

1. School of Media: Sostenuto

Tom Soper, Matthew Lovett, Kane Peters

Co-creating with students to integrate sustainability into course experiences and academic life of the School through the new Sostenuto project, research development on emerging technology, and future plans for creative industries engagement and the annual media festival.

2. Decolonising Learning

Clare Peterson, Sam Copland, Sabina Fiebig, Mouhamed Thiam

Supporting our moves to increase global perspective as well as equality and diversity progression in the curriculum portfolio and our wider culture, colleagues are creating an online resource with good practices guided by the living and learning experiences of our BAME students.

Here are two brief videos where BAME students and staff share their reflections and experiences of the educational system in general and the prevalence of implicit bias.

3. Digital Marketing & Sustainability Horizons

Louise Reid, Miriam Webb

Tapping the commercial advantage of sustainability is an important skill for business students and organisations of all stripes including our university. An insight into the curriculum brief set by the sustainability team to our digital marketing students to explore these issues.

4. Counting Threads: Love your Uniforms

Amy Lilley-Stewart, Margaret McDonough

Triggered by the interest of the new Cheltenham Education Partnership in collaborating with the university on sustainability, this project led by the School of Education with Fashion Design is empowering secondary school students to train their teachers in sustainable fashion.

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