These are the historians and researchers who are going to guide you through your training as a student of history!

We are a close-knit bunch at Gloucestershire, and pride ourselves on having a close, supportive relationship with our students. Our research interests vary greatly – from the stories of Soviet women to Victorian historiography and American blues music – but we all share an infectious enthusiasm for asking new questions about the past.

On each of the staff profiles, you can find a brief description of our main research and teaching interests, as well as proof that we have human lives beyond studying historical change! If you have any questions, you will also find staff contact details available here, as well as useful links on the home page of the blog.

Dr Tim Copeland

Tim is a Visiting Fellow in Landscape Archaeology. He taught archaeology, from pre-history to the medieval period, at the University of Gloucestershire for twelve years. His main interests are the late Iron Age, early Roman periods and Public Archaeology.

Dr David Howell

David is a lecturer in History and Heritage. His teaching covers Modern European History from the French Revolution to the rise of Fascism in Europe, but he has also research interests in themes of nationalism, heritage, and archaeology.

Professor Neil Wynn

Neil is Professor Emeritus of 20th Century American History; he has contributed chapters to various books, and written journal articles and reviews on African American and American history.

Dr Erin Peters

Erin is a Lecturer in Early Modern History and teaches a range of modules that covers the period c. 1450-1700.

Dr Christian O’Connell

Christian is Senior Lecturer in History, concentrating primarily on 19th and 20th century American history, and Course Leader.

Dr Vicky Randall

Vicky is Senior Lecturer in History. With a specialist interest in nineteenth-century intellectual history, Vicky’s research focuses on the relationship(s) between race, religion, and politics.

Professor Melanie Ilic

Melanie is Professor of Soviet History. She teaches Russian and Soviet history and has a specialist interest in women’s history.