Apply for the Ingenuity Programme

The University of Gloucestershire is excited to be hosting the Ingenuity Programme for the second year running, and applications are open until Wednesday 2 February. Ingenuity 2021 saw three Gloucestershire applicants win awards in the competition, one of which was a University of Gloucestershire student.

The Ingenuity Programme offers investment and specialist mentoring for creating a start-up that generates sustainable impact in one of the three areas below:

· Building stronger communities

· Improving health

· Tackling climate change

The first step is to attend the expert-led summits which are taking place on 6th, 7th & 8th December 2021. At the summits, there will be industry experts, think tanks, and charity leaders, as well as those with lived or professional experience of the biggest social and environmental challenges facing the UK today. Attending the summits will give you knowledge and insight to help give your application an edge. You can sign up for the summits online and also apply for the competition online.

Teams or individuals with the most viable ideas will be partnered with a mentor to develop their business plan and pitch, with the prize winners announced at the Impact Evening on 19 May 2022. The programme is open to everyone, no matter their background or experience.

If you have an idea or are motivated to see change, get your application in by February 2022.

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