Ground-breaking Research Findings Presented at Neuroscience Conference

CRACKLE Doctoral student, Steven Baker, presents ground-breaking research finding at British Cognitive Neuroscience Conference in Nottingham

Steven Baker, a doctoral student and laboratory coordinator with the Centre for Research in Applied Cognition, Knowledge, Learning and Emotion (CRACKLE, Natural and Social Sciences) has been accepted to do a poster presentation on his work at the British Association of Cognitive Neuroscience annual conference at Nottingham University (18-19 April).

His paper is entitled: Baker, S., Catherwood, D., Edgar, G., & Rees, K (2013).  I have a bad feeling about this: Using subliminally presented emotionally salient information to guide conscious decision-making. As the title suggests, Steven’s research using the EEG laboratory in CRACKLE has found new information on how people’s decisions may be influenced by unconscious emotional cues. The work has significance for many aspects of human decision-making.

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