The Firemind Project: CRACKLE and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Colleagues Conduct Another Successful Research Exercise With EU Firemind Partners

Geoff Sallis and Dr. Graham Edgar with FireMind colleagues conducting trials of FireMind in Belgium

Professor Di Catherwood with FireMind colleagues conducting trials of FireMind at The Fire Training Academy, Arnhem, Netherlands

University/CRACKLE members Dr Graham Edgar and Professor Di Catherwood with Geoff Sallis (Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service) have returned from more successful trials for the Erasmus-funded FireMind project with their Fire and Rescue partners in Belgium and Netherlands, after completing similar exercises last month in Denmark and Poland. The project is well on-track to develop an innovative online self-training portal (the FireMind) to enhance the decision-making of Fire and Rescue personnel and involves major Fire and Rescue training facilities in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Poland as well as Gloucestershire: see

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