Briefing Papers on Development Data Blind Spots

When data doesn’t exist, or doesn’t exist broken down by important characteristics, it creates blind spots in our
understanding of how to plan to support populations & ensure the most vulnerable are supported.

As part of the piloting of the Development Counts training programme in September 2021, undergraduate students at project partner universities formed international teams to research development data blind spots and devise recommendations for how to address them. Please click on the links below for student-authored briefing papers summarising this research.

Don’t be Blind to Asthma: Open your Eyes, Open your Lungs

Sevdegül Budak (Gazi University), Emma Collins (University of Gloucestershire), Elena Dacal (UNED) and Ayana Onurlu (Gazi University)

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This team’s research was supported by the Afrika Counts project led by Esther Syombua Ndaka and Tara Thiani (United States International University – Africa). Read more about the Afrika Counts project here.

Education Data in Humanitarian Settings

Furkan Baytekin (Gazi University), Molly Gregory (University of Gloucestershire) and Alice Higginson (University of Gloucestershire)

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Intersectional Data on Unemployment & Poverty during COVID-19

Zeynep Baş (Gazi University)  Albert Bartolo (University of Malta), Alex Blauensteiner (University of Gloucestershire), Isaac Briffa  (University of Malta) and Lorea Diaz (UNED)

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The Future of Homelessness

Nicole Casha (University of Malta), Ebrar Çevik (Gazi University), Francesca Cremona (University of Malta), Clemency Littler (University of Gloucestershire) and Paula Martinez (UNED)

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