Meet the Team

You can find out more about the academic team members from our four partner universities below.

Dr Gianmarco Alberti

Gianmarco is a Lecturer in Spatial Forensics at the Department of Criminology  at the University of Malta. His research interests focus on Geographic Information Science, spatial analysis, and on statistics applied to social science data, with a focus on multidimensional scaling techniques (Correspondence Analysis in particular).

Dr Rachel Bennett

Rachel is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in quantitative methods and population health and ageing in the Global South.

Dr Maria Jimenez Buedo

Maria is an Assistant Professor in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science at UNED. Her research interests revolve around the methodology of the social sciences, with an emphasis on experimental methods.

Dr Héctor Cebolla-Boado

Héctor is an Associate Professor at UNED. His research deals with the interplay between migration and education, starting from the explanation of immigrant status inequalities in attainments to the international mobility of students

Assoc. Prof Dr Aytekin Çibik

Aytekin earned his Ph.D. degree from Middle East Technical University (METU) department of mathematics. His main area of expertise is on numerical calculation, scientific computing and mathematical modelling through data. He is now an associate professor in the department of mathematics at Gazi University.

Dr Tatiana Eremenko

Tatiana is a post-doctoral researcher at UNED. She trained as a demographer and her research focuses on international migration and migration policies, with a particular interest in children’s migration and outcomes.

Dr Janice Formosa Pace

Janice is a Lecturer within the Department of Youth and Community Studies  at the University of Malta. Her main area of expertise is intergenerational research focusing on the concentration of offending in Maltese families and the evolvement of crimes across the generations. She has drafted the National Crime Prevention Strategy (2017).

Professor Saviour Formosa

Saviour is an Associate Professor within the Department of Criminology  at the University of Malta. His main area of research is spatio-temporal environmental criminology and analysis of the social and physical relationships using spatial information systems.

Prof Kenny Lynch

Kenny is Professor of Development and Communities at the University of Gloucestershire, with interests in rural-urban linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa and excellence in teaching and learning in higher education.

Dr Leire Salazar

Leire is an Associate Professor in Sociology at UNED, specialising in social inequalities, research design and quantitative methods.

Dr Paloma Ubeda

Paloma holds a PhD in Economics with a special focus on Experimental and Behavioral Economics. She is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in the department of Applied Economics and Statistics at UNED.

Prof. Dr. H. Güçlü Yavuzcan

Güçlü is a full professor in the department of Industrial Products Design at Gazi University. He involved in several European Union Projects as promoter, coordinator and supervisor specifically within Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus Programs.