Training Programme

TheOpening the Appetite: Data Skills for Global Development training programme has been designed for students on undergraduate social science related programmes with an interest in global development.

There are three parts to the training programme:

  • PART 1: Online self-study course organised into 5 modules to introduce key material, hosted on the UNED Abierta learning platform
  • PART 2: Online live tutor-led activities to extend and consolidate learning from self-study modules and support team building
  • PART 3: Activities to support learners to complete remote team projects, applying their learning to real world development data scenarios whilst developing cross-cultural teamwork and communication skills.

The training programme is designed for groups of undergraduates students from different institutions to complete together online over a one-week period. However, it is also possible to mix and match the parts of the learning resources that are most suitable, and the resources may appeal to others interested in data for development training too.

Self-Study Course

This self-study course is open to all and you do not need to currently be enrolled at a university to access it. It is hosted on the UNED Abierta MOOC Platform:

Data Skills for Global Development Training Programme [ENGLISH EDITION]

Habilidades de Gestión de Datos para Desarrollo Global [SPANISH EDITION]

Küresel Kalkınma için Veri Becerileri Eğitim Programı [TURKISH EDITION]

Further advice on navigating the UNED Abierta platform is provided in the instructor handbook.

The self-study course can also be found on the UN: SDG Learn platform – a UN initiative bringing together learning resources linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Instructor Handbook

This instructor handbook has been produced to enable social science lecturers to adopt all or parts of the training programme to support their students to enhance their data skills applied to global development. It includes support and materials for all parts of the programme.

Opening the Appetite: Data Skills for Global Development Student Training Programme Instructor Handbook [ENGLISH EDITION]

Abriendo el apetito: formación en la gestión de datos para la Cooperación al Desarrollo Manual del Profesor [SPANISH EDITION]

İştahın Açılması: Küresel Kalkınma için Veri Becerileri Öğrenci Eğitim Programı EĞİTMEN El Kitabı [TURKISH EDITION]

Supporting Online Materials

These supporting materials (explained in section 8 of the Instructor Handbook) are available to download and use as part of the programme:

Student Welcome Briefing [ENGLISH EDITION]

Guía de Bienvenida [SPANISH EDITION]


Student Team Project Briefing [ENGLISH EDITION]

Documento Informativo Sobre Sobre los Proyectos en Equipo de los Estudiantes [SPANISH EDITION]

Takim Projesi Bilgilendirmesi [TURKISH EDITION]

Find A Collaborator Tool

Please register your interest using this form if you are a social science lecturer interested in identifying universities in other countries to collaborate with in order to run a joint training programme,:

Find a Collaborator Form [ENGLISH EDITION]

Formulario de busqueda de colaboradores [SPANISH EDITION]

Çalışma Ortağı bulma formu [TURKISH EDITION]