Callum McEntevy Shoots stills and moving image work for the Editorial with Moving Image Module

This module was an essential part of my progression in this 2nd year. I worked through 3 briefs: a Moving image that was accompanied by a zine, text and image and a Sustainability portraiture brief.

Moving Image and Zine Brief :

For my Moving image brief, I worked in a pair with Ben Russel, where we combined our areas of specialisation, these being Car & Nature photography. This was a perfect opportunity for Ben and me to progress from our initial learnings from last year on filmmaking.

My proudest achievement was the drone shots I took, as it was a completely new piece of equipment to me, but I have become very attached to it and loved progressing my skills with it during this module.

As part of this brief, we had to make a Zine to work alongside the moving image piece. I took inspiration from tie-in comics for films and A24’s merchandise by creating a prequel for our short film.

I loved how, if seen before viewing the film, this added strong world-building, with my personal favourite being a spread depicting a postcard inspired by BBC’s “Killing Eve”, where similarly styled postcards are used when giving the killer their next target.

Text with Image Brief :

In this brief, we were asked to take a series of photos and attach some text to them. Straight from the beginning of this module, I was completely set on making this a nature shoot in a refined art style.

What was produced was a set of 3 images depicting wings spreading out from leaves using a Long exposure. I took inspiration from Mark Cornick and his entry in the Outdoor Photography magazine titled “An Abstract Exploration of Autumn”. It took a lot of trial and error to get to the outcome. Still, I couldn’t be happier with what I finalised. To accompany this, I used a quote from Ted Grant – “If you can see it, you can shoot it”, playing on the blurred vision effect of the images and also having it become more visible as it moves across the three images to further the point and meaning behind my photos.

Sustainability Portraiture brief :

This brief required me to take a portrait while documenting a sustainable practitioner. For this, I contacted the Cirencester Wildlife Group, who very kindly allowed me to come down to one of their meetings.

This produced three strong images showing a group member in two scenarios with a complementing middle image that helps describe the story behind these photos. The work this group does not only helps sustain Cirencester’s nature but provides a fantastic education to any that join in, which I highly recommend and look forward to doing again as well.

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