Sinead Fernandes shoots work for the 1980’s brief for the Introduction to Editorial & Advertising Photography module

In the three briefs that i took part in this project for, the one that stood out to me most was the 1980’s Brief. I gradually fell in love with the styles and concepts during those times. To learning about directors like David lynch and his films to collecting ideas of clothing as well as the saturated and vibrant lighting setup that would be found in films to controversy’s between how advertisements, films, and music videos were portrayed differently.

Going through this particular brief introduced me into engaging with film directors in particular and how in each period of time, the concepts and ideas speak for what society is trying to raise awareness or attention to. In my final image, I came to an understanding that 1980s advertisement had a very strong statement about gender roles and I couldn’t come to peace with it had I used models. I then decided It was only fair I photograph a still life of this product instead. The inspiration for my layout was taken from the Lancôme Tréson Paris perfume advertisement.

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