Cerys Burgess shoots work for the Introduction to Editorial & Advertising module

Portrait Brief

For this brief I was looking at and inspired by ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’ and wanted to create a cover page and double page spread image of an artist.

I thought it would be visually interesting to capture a portrait of her in the studio. As well as photographing the workspace she is often in, which is her Mums art studio. I spoke to my model about her art, how she feels working in the studio and what inspires her; and from her responses I created a copy to add to both images to solidify that magazine editorial feel.

Perfume Brief

With this 1980s perfume brief, I wanted to really focus on the aesthetics of the image and giving it that vintage look. To do this effectively, I photographed my model in the studio using the Mamiya 645 camera, with coloured film.

Using inspiration from Chanel archive images of perfume advertisements, I photographed the perfume bottle on digital to be sure it was of top quality. I focused on negative space, and how adding in the brands logo and copy line can enhance the overall image.

Clothing Ad

A brand that stood out to me was Dr Martens and seeing as this brief required a target audience image, it made sense to photograph a brand that is well known for variety and individuality.

My still life image was photographed in the studio, but a lot of the work was done in the post production, as I wanted to emulate the character that Dr Martens advertises. Again, with my target audience image, I want to match the aesthetic I had already created whilst pushing myself creatively on location.

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