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Remembrance Day, War Memorials, MA Success – Neil Wynn

Coincidental with the period of national remembrance, we can happily report that Robert Taylor’s MA thesis on “A Study of the Origins and Development of Great War Memorials in the County of Gloucestershire (1917-1933) has been accepted by the University Research Degrees Committee. Rob is to be congratulated for his thorough investigation of the 300 or so war memorials in the county, and particularly the history of particular memorials (in Cam, Cirencester, and Gloucester). As Rob points out, memorials take a variety of forms and use different symbols combining both national, local, and sometimes individual influences – their purpose also varies from the intention of remembering the fallen to also remembering those who served. Sadly, of course, this is not just about the past, but the present too, and memorials have been and still are added to over time.

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