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Arrest of Wives: NKVD Operational Order No. 00486, 15 August 1937

The Great Terror of 1936 to 1938 left an indelible mark on Soviet politics and Stalinist society. In addition to the three major show trials in Moscow, purges and arrests took place across the country. Initially, these were […]

  Events 15 August 2017  

Celebrating the Lives of Soviet Women: Tatyana Zaslavskaya

Tatyana Ivanovna Zaslavskaya, author of the infamous April 1983 Novosibirsk Report, died recently in Moscow. Zaslavskaya was born in Kiev in 1927. After the Second World War, she studied physics and then economics at the Moscow State University, […]

  Melanie Ilic 21 October 2013  

Death of a Night Witch: Nadezhda Vasil’evna Popova

8 July 2013 saw the death of a Soviet heroine, Nadezhda Vasil’evna Popova, at the age of 91. Nadezhda Popova was just one of hundreds of Soviet airwomen who flew combat planes during the Second World War and […]

  Melanie Ilic 12 July 2013