Senior Lecturer News: Matthew Murray

From Senior Lecturer Matthew Murray.

“A selection of Senior Lecturer Matthew Murray’s photographs from Saddleworth: Responding To A Landscape, exhibited at Manchester Central Library, curated by Greg Hobson that ends in June 2018. First premiered in a solo, curated show at mac, Birmingham, the series will also be presented at Elliott Halls, Amsterdam later 2018. Through the exhibition at mac, Birmingham the project achieved audiences of 111,810. In addition at Manchester Central Library, through the Responding to a Landscape symposium and through the other artist talks, the total live audience exceeded 220,000. The exhibition and publication Saddleworth: Responding To A Landscape has achieved press coverage in significant publications including British Journal of Photography, IMA Magazine, Japan, FD Magazine, the Netherlands, Aesthetica Magazine, Redeye and numerous online outlets. In the Saddleworth: Responding To A Landscape publication, new writings were commissioned and collaborations with Martin Barnes, Senior Curator Photographs Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Richard Billingham, artist, and Maartje van den Heuvel Curator photography and media culture, Leiden Institute Amsterdam.”

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