For her Final Major Project, Third Year, Megan Williams book ‘Superdogs’ looks at the bond between dogs and their owners.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” — Josh Billings

Superdogs is a collection of work capturing the special bond between dog and owner. Each dog photographed with their handler has a lifesaving role or incredible story to tell. Together they have transformed lives and their work is so important to the people and animals around them. This book shares each dog’s unconditional love towards their humans.

Front cover, Mercury: Mercury is a pet Blood Donor and has saved over 80 dog’s lives through his donations. A few times a year he will donate his blood to save the lives of those dogs in need.

German Shepherd, Finn: In 2016 Finn saved Dave’s life. When on duty an armed robber attempted to stab Dave. Instead Finn was stabbed and left fighting for his life. Despite being seriously injured Finn didn’t let go of the suspect. They have worked hard to pass #Finnslaw which will protect service animals such as Police dogs and Horses with more suitable sentences.

Labrador Puppy, Bea: Bea is a Medical Detection Dog in training and will one day become either a Medical Assistance dog or a Bio Detection dog (sniffing out Cancer and other diseases).

Fireman and Australian Labradoodle, Matt & Digby: Digby is the first official therapy dog for firefighters based in the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. His job is to help in the diffusing sessions with the crews after major incidents. Interacting with Digby has a positive effect on the crew before breaking down the traumatic event which could leave them with long term psychological damage. Together with Digby and the diffusing sessions the firefighters can have healthier mental health and working environment whilst saving lives.

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