Second Year, Honour Burges photographs war veterans for the zine Brief.

My zine project is called ‘The Forgotten People’, it focuses on telling the stories of war veterans and people affected by the war.

I’ve always been fascinated with the affects of war, My great grandad being a WW2 veteran really sparked my interest in it all. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was very young so I wasn’t able to  appreciate his stories to the full extent. I didn’t realise just how emotional some of the stories would be that I would get told. This project has really changed my outlook on certain aspects of my life, never take life for granted and live every day like its your last because you never know when death could happen, to you or a loved ones.  

During my first year, I was really unsure with what I wanted to specialise in photographically. Completing this module has really helped me find a passion for documentary/portraiture photography.

The freedom to really properly choose a project that you’re passionate about really helped with my research and reflection as I actually wanted to learn about it. 

The moving image that accompanies my zine shows the perspective of WW2 veteran Violet Hunt, my great grandma. I chose to use my great grandma rather than a stranger as I wanted to get a deeper personal meaning to the project, using a family member as my key subject has really helped with this. 

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