Second Year, Jess Lane photographs a series of portraits for the Zine brief.

Starting this module I wanted to photograph people I was fascinated with and to engage with a subject I hadn’t done before. When thinking of what I wanted my subject to be, ‘drag’ crossed my mind.

During my research I found a photo story in i-D magazine of Yvie Oddly by photographer Amy Troost; the images were striking and powerful, exactly the kind of feeling I was going for.

I contacted nine people after finding them on Instagram – three of them I photographed in the studio: Manly Mannington, Misty Monique and Krystal Beth. My Zine became much more about the diversity of drag, not just the transformation, as each of them showcased a different take on the art. It was a great insight into the world of drag and incredible to hear each of their stories.


Bob lane. says:

Well done Jess. U Defeo got your act together. Work hard like me and you will reach your destination . Love from Bob.Xxx.

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