For the Personal Portfolio module, 1st year Marie Cecil photographs a series still lifes’ inspired by nature.


At the beginning of the personal portfolio module I wanted to explore landscape photography but due to the current restrictions I was confined to just my garden. 

Through research I came across photographers such as Carol Sharp and Fleur Olby whose floral images capture the personality of their subjects. This was something I found really interesting and working with a macro lens I wanted to get as close to nature as possible. 

macro of red hot poker

I wanted to focus on three main colours, the greens to represent the backbone of nature, it is the colour we recognise the most when thinking about the natural world, the whites to represent the delicate intricate details and its vulnerability and the reds to represent the vibrancy and colour we see all around us. 

Slowing down and really seeing what is around us opens up all sorts of possibilities. We are all a part of the world we live in but our lifestyles sometimes disconnect us from nature. It is through this series of images and the circumstances we are in that I hope we can all reconnect.

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