1st year, Max Waby documents a very personal series, ‘The Waby House’ during lockdown for the Personal Portfolio.

This is a documentary of my family home whilst in lockdown. I wanted it to be as natural as possible, so I decided to use my iPhone 7 to take and edit these images. My biggest inspiration for this piece is Stephan Shores piece ‘Detail’ from July 22nd, 1969 because the images seem so honest and are presented in black and white squares. I explored using colour, but it didn’t have the same feel to it, so I carried on with black and white.    

The house includes Jayne Waby (my mum), Simon Waby (my dad), Leah Roberts (my girlfriend), Romeo Waby (mine and Leah’s cat) and Max Waby (myself). We have lived here since 2000. Mum always says it’s lived in, not messy. Leah moved into the family home in 2017, 6 months into our relationship, after being a survivor of domestic violence in her family home.

This series gives an insight into our lives and the fun, wild side and that even with the lockdown, not every day is bad. It also shows the emotional side of the relationships within the images. We don’t always get on, but we’re glad we’re not alone at this time.  

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