1st year, Cenza Jacquest, photographs an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired series titled ‘Alice in Isolation’ for the Personal Portfolio module

For the personal portfolio module, I chose to experiment with a new area of specialisationand explore fashion photography. 

Despite the restrictions of the current situation, I knew I wanted to stay true to my style and form a narrative that could be an escape for my Sister and I,  while we created it. In doing so, I chose to shoot an Alice in Wonderland themed fashion editorial, featuring garments I had originally collected for over the summer.

Because of the pandemic there were real challenges; my resources were limited, and I needed to find a method to use them to the best of my ability. Moreover, the otherworldly themes of the story meant I had to find ways to transform my garden into different surreal scenes, turning simple settings into sites fit for Wonderland.  

After lots of research and experimentation I was able to create four different groups of images set out to document Alice’s journey; each set having its own individual set and styling. I wanted the series to appear as though my Sister was dressing up, each scene reflecting how she imagined herself to fit into the story. Creating these images has truly helped keep my imagination alive in these times and pushed me to think more creatively then ever before. 

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