2nd year Milly Muxworthy collaborates with stylist Carmel Anderson to produce the ‘ISO’ Zine

“ISO the Zine (@iso_zine) was formed at the beginning of May by Carmel Anderson and Milly Muxworthy with the aim to offer the photographic community a platform to share and celebrate the work that they have continued to create during these uncertain times. So many photographers have been pushed outside of their comfort zones, and we have seen some amazing solutions to shooting within the restrictions of lockdown. ISO began with the hope to promote these innovative projects to ensure they receive the audience they truly deserve. 

Our platform grew far bigger than we had initially anticipated, starting with local artists we knew, some from the Ed & Ad course, and stretching to include submissions from the US and Canada. We have been truly overwhelmed by the support for this project, and are so proud of the community we have created in such a small space of time. 

With protests still occurring across the globe, the Black Lives Matter campaign is one that has touched many hearts, including our own. We felt that as creators with a growing platform we had a perfect opportunity to raise money for a cause that promotes the change that needs to happen. Although the publication was initially intended to be free to all, we came to the decision to make it available in exchange for a donation to the UK Black Lives Matter (UKBLM) Fund. At the time of writing this, just 24 hours after the release of the zine, we have already raised almost £200 for the cause.

If you would like to purchase a copy of ISO, either in print or digital form, you can find it at https://isomagazine.bigcartel.com.”

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