First year, Thi Kim Dung Duong shoots the Portrait and Clothing briefs for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module.

For clothing summary, I made my decision to pick up Ryka brand. The reason I express my admiration for this brand is the way they appreciate different women by making particular types of shoes for those whose muscle movements and foot figures are unique, not just a small-sized version of males’ shoes. In fact, they have developed a wide range of shoes to fit every woman – from running and walking trainers to training ones, which can emphasize the purpose of making shoes that comfort women at anytime and anywhere.

My idea will be based on the feeling of women while wearing Ryka shoes, which are warmth, comfort, relaxation and yearning. I will capture different women wearing Ryka shoes in a comfortable, fashionable, elegant, simple and confident style, and the message “enjoy every moment” will be highlighted in my photo.

When receiving the brief portrait for The Sunday Times Weekend Magazines from Matthew, I immediately chose to picture the farmers. Coming from a country where agricultural traditions have shaped in people’s mind with images of farmers working on paddy fields every day, I believe that the simplicity and industriousness of them are irreplaceable regardless the modern life’s intervention. Therefore, I truly want to convey their tranquil beauties through pictures, which could bring back authenticity amongst viewers.

In this series, I feel so grateful that I seized an opportunity to photograph Patrick. Patrick has been working as a farmer for 35 years, and he has kept plenty of livestock on his farm such as sheep, chicken, dogs, horses and also a variety of trees. While listening to many stories about these farm animals, what made me deeply impressed was his kindness as he decided to adopt some old horses unable to be used for hunting or racing. Indeed, not only did he succeeded in rescuing and feeding them, but also treated them as his best friends.

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