Adams Simpkins discusses his Major Project work ‘A Nations Test’. A series of beautiful creative photographs of architecture left over from World War 2.

Lepe Dolphins, A view of the left over embarkations point in Lepe

A Nations Test documents the beautifully bleak architecture left over from World War 2 that now litters the British countryside. Over time these structures have deteriorated and before long we may lose them all, so as someone with a keen interest in 20th history I took on the challenge of documenting these sites before it’s too late.

Long exposure of training LCT’s, Braunton Burrows

This project is the most ambitious task that I have set myself, it required months of planning before even stepping foot on location. I had to research the locations and understand the story that needed to be told on an individual location basis. To make this project a reality I was able to secure outside funding to help cover the cost of travel and materials.

8 months, 2,700 miles and 15 locations later I now have a body of work that I am proud of that respectfully depicts these sites for what they are. Overall, my main goal for this work is to inspire people to visit these places too before it is too late, this work is now being turned into a book.

Fort Henry, Dorset. A view down the face of Fort Henry

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