Magda Kwapisz, photographs her son Antoni, for the Personal Portfolio Module

For the Personal Portfolio module, I chose to photograph my five-year-old son Antoni. During this module, I wanted to focus on photographers who documented their families. I discovered that many photographers created beautiful projects and photographing Antoni could become my project too.

I was mainly inspired by work of Sally Mann and Alain Laboile. I chose to photograph him in black and white as I wanted to focus on his emotions and feelings. My approach to photographing Antoni was complex – some photographs were planned in advance but most of them were the moments I have managed to capture without knowing they were coming. I wanted to show viewers the world of five-year-old – his most happy moments but also biggest tantrums. I joined him on his journey to discover the world around him and learn his feelings.

These photographs are collaboration between me and Antoni. Today I know that this project will continue for many years to come.

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