Magda Kwapisza and Michal Urbansky collaborate on the Moving Image in the Editorial with Moving Image module

Moving Image with Magda – For this brief, we were challenged to combine two completely different areas of specialization (Children and Sports) into one Moving Image. We were taking inspiration from lots of different sources and developing our idea throughout the module. But finally, we have decided to create a short horror film.

Click HERE to see the Moving Image piece.

For the location, we used Forest of Dean and we managed to successfully incorporate both the child and the mountain biker into our project. We experimented with different cameras, lenses and angles and we tried to be creative throughout the whole project, including post-production. I can say that even though we did have some challenges, we both enjoyed the project and we both want to keep creating Moving Images.

Click Here for more information about the Editorial and Advertising Photography BA(Hons) Degree at The University of Gloucestershire

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