Second year, Paulina Kotarska shoots the Superdry live brief and the Portrait to Promote brief during the Editorial Photography with Moving Image module

Superdry was one of the live briefs for this module. We had to create a campaign for Spring/ Summer 2023 with the 60s/ 70s/ 80s look with nostalgic vibes.

The initial idea came to me when I was driving my car in heavy rain. I realized that the only option to get summer vibes in the middle of October is to do a photoshoot inside my car and fill it with some beach toys and summer stuff. On the photoshoot day, it was windy and lightly drizzling, but my models decided to wear bikinis and go out from the car to the nearest play area anyway. It wasn’t planned previously by me, but I’m glad It was a bit spontaneous because the final effect of these photos came out very realistic and met the criteria perfectly.

Portraits to Promote a Professional: I decided to do portraits of Debbie, who is a former dancer and she’s a dance teacher now. Her favorite one is a tap dance. I wanted the photos to be shown in a more creative way, so we chose her farm as the location for the shoot.

I wanted to show dance as her life’s passion rather than take pictures of her teaching in a dance studio.

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