Ben Russell Shoots an automotive series for the Personal Portfolio Module

My latest project consists of my exploration into automotive photography. As being a Vehicle Technician, my love for cars started many years ago and this has influenced me to photograph them. Inspiration from photographers: William Eggleston, Stephen Shore and Jordan Butters has led me into a project full of learning and investigation. During this module I used my digital camera, a medium format camera (Mamiya 645) and my 35mm (Olympus OM10) for the first time. Along further exploring medium format, I shot my first roll of slide film and had successful outcomes. I also shot a variety of colour and black and white film. 

Although my ideas evolved as I furthered researched and explored possibilities, I wanted to capture an editorial style series of images. I found using the Mamiya 645 helped doing so, as William Eggleston did in his book ’Two and One Quarter’. This body of work was shot at Bicester Heritage, during the Scramble event they host, where enthusiasts come from all over the country to adore and enjoy the spectacular cars on show. 

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