Introducing ATKINS

A Professional Practice talk given by Nick Rowson of Atkins, Bristol

Following a brief résumé of his qualifications, the reasons for choosing his career path and early work experience, Nick went on to describe his thirty years at Atkins, a company, he says, with “the depth and breadth of expertise to respond to the most technically-challenging and time-centred infrastructure projects and urgent transition to a low carbon economy”. What Atkins provides through its vast multidisciplinary (and international) expert base is a one-stop shop for mainly public sector clients. The projects Nick then proceeded to illustrate covered examples of cutting-edge high-tech road and railworks, commuter transport solutions (the novel “park and stride”), flood defence systems and SuDS, landscape heritage, therapy gardens, university campus designs, even newt migration schemes. Of particular interest was the Chepstow town high street regeneration  project, where the Atkins’ landscape team worked closely with artists to create a scheme in which artwork was interwoven within the fabric of the design.

Nick’s talk also touched on matters of personal ethics, computer knowledge and software application and how students should prepare themselves for interview with a relevant CV and a representative portfolio whose contents can be readily described passionately.

We appreciated the passion in your whole talk, Nick, and we look forward to visiting your offices in due course.

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