You can undertake research in landscape architecture via a Master’s or PhD route. Details given here:

Research publication

Landscape Issues is the research journal of the Landscape Architecture course at the University of Gloucestershire, providing a forum for disseminating staff and student research to the landscape profession and to those interested in the subject. The Landscape Issues website with complete archive:

Recently published editions:

Vol 21 September 2022 (current issue)

Vol 20 May 2021

Vol 19 May 2020

Vol 18 May 2019

Vol 17 May 2018

Vol 16 May 2017

Vol 15 May 2016

Vol 14 May 2015


Urban Futures Research Symposium

A recent research symposium was held at Rousham Gardens in Oxfordshire and at our campus at Cheltenham with invited guests from overseas academic institutions, and UK government agencies as well as staff from the landscape team and Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI).