Singing the blues

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These photos were taken today at Cam Peak in the southern Cotswolds: a warm, sunny day presenting the wild bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) at their best. The location of the carpark at the foot of this hill is 51.6926, -2.3384. Google it. Certainly worth a visit while they look so good. The webpage which gives the best places to see bluebells is Bluebells are native to western Europe with the UK being a species stronghold. Don’t confuse them with the Spanish bluebell – Hyacinthoides hispanica. Bluebells are usually associated with ancient woodland but here at Cam there are few trees. Perhaps the hills were once well wooded. Check out the Woodland Trust website: (PS the Home page photo shows Standish wood, near Haresfield).

Bob Moore 3rd May 2023

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