Photographer and short film maker graduate Tommy Cha talks about his work with Ceramic Artist Chao-Chi Lo, who lives and works in the Chiayi county, Taiwan.

Tommy collaborated with Ceramic Artist Chao-Chi Lo on a moving image piece. Chao-Chi Lo lives and works in the Chiayi county, Taiwan, he has been mastering and enhancing an ancient Chinese glazing process called Tenmoku, primarily used for tea ceremonies.

Lo has adapted the process beyond it’s functional, aesthetics and formalities, to become an artistic expression for his experiences, moods and philosophy, shared through his adaptation of tea ceremony. The mud slip and ash from plants are all taken from his parents farm as the raw materials for his Tenmoku, embedding a personal significances, specific moment and location in each glaze.

Chao-Chi Lo work will be exhibited at 67 York Street Gallery, London, 16th of February, 2020. Drawing inspiration from Nature, employing the skills of Chinese art, the use of white space in particular, to convey a quiet, poetic artistic conception.

Four artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan transform their love of life and enjoyment of living into paintings, ceramics and other forms of artistic creation.


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