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VE Day on the BBC

Among all the celebrations of VE Day, you might want to look out for “First Days of Peace” scheduled for Monday 11th May at 7.30 pm on BBC! West. Presented by Bonnie Greer, the half-hour documentary focuses on […]

  Modern 8 May 2015  

Professor Wynn’s Change of Status – and Lecture in Bedford

Many congratulations to our colleague Neil Wynn, who after twelve years of service has been made Emeritus Professor by the University, we are more than thrilled to know that his expertise will remain in the University. On February […]

  Neil Wynn 1 March 2015  

Selma on My Mind: Film and Civil Rights

At last, a feature film that looks at Martin Luther King and Civil Rights – and very good it is too. But is Selma a great film? Does it compare to 12 Years a Slave? In my view […]

  American 19 February 2015  

Dates That Changed the Western World: 1941 and Pearl Harbor

The surprise pre-emptive air attack by the Japanese on the American Pacific Fleet in their base at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, on December 7th 1941 had momentous consequences. In a day which President Franklin Roosevelt said would […]

  American 16 February 2015  

Terror and African American History – Guardian interview with Angela Davis

  There is a fascinating interview with Professor Angela Davis, former Black Panther and once one of America’s “ten most wanted”, in today’s Guardian “G2″section that covers a number of historical topics and reminds us yet again – […]

  American 15 December 2014  

All Change in the USA?

There will be a lot of raking through Tuesday’s mid-term election results in America with a view to guessing the future and also making comparison’s with the past.  Already it is being suggested that the successive losses in […]

  American 7 November 2014  

The Uses of History?

Nowadays we are all being encouraged to think about our students, their future, and employability in our degree courses. In fact, we often address the question of the usefulness, or otherwise, of History to audiences at Open Days […]

  Media 8 October 2014  

Black History Month

Black history is a subject we deal with in several modules, particularly in British and US history. However, Black History will be a theme in our blogs next month because every October Black History Month (BHM) is celebrated […]

  Events 22 September 2014  

Black Cultural Archive Opens

It was great to read today of the opening of the Black Cultural Archive in Brixton, London. After 30 years of campaigning and planning, this wonderful facility celebrating the British black cultural heritage is now providing exhibition and […]

  Libraries and Archives 31 July 2014  

Pankhurst Google Doodle

Today Google – and the Guardian – celebrate the birthday of the great suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst, and reminds us of the the amazing lengths women at the beginning of the twentieth century went to to win the […]

  Modern 15 July 2014