Allan and Scott’s site recce for St Peter and the Moors project

Last week Allan Mitchell and Scott Farlow went on a site visit to the Moors area of Cheltenham, site for an upcoming third year module this year. The project is part of the larger Lottery Funded St Peter and the Moors project. Photos and text by Scott.

Last week Allan and Scott roamed the largely unfamiliar streets and spaces of St.Peter’s & The Moors.
With Dan as our guide, we made new and unexpected discoveries.
We explored freely and began to make sense of an unknown place.
Its past, present and future all waiting to be revealed;
from the beautiful patina of peeling layers of paint on buckled railings,
to remnants of a forgotten Orchard,
to the bricks and mortar and concrete and tarmac of dwellings and roads,
to boundaries, edges, meeting points and crossing points,
and blackberries and tagging and trees.
And the shadows and voices of those who live there.
These things make up the particularity of a place – it’s fingerprint – and this year 3rd Year students will be exploring what all of this means to the people that lmatter – the community.


blackberries concrete&downpipe iloveme potsontheboundary riverchelt&leaf roadsidetenacity stpetersdome

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