Open Mic Night, Tuesday 6th

The next University of Gloucestershire Creative Writing students’ Open Mic Night will be held at the Frog & Fiddle pub on Tuesday 6th December. The event promises to be… In fact, I’ve no idea what the event promises to be. This reading is being guest-hosted by the Jolly Autocratic Committee, so pretty much anything is possible. I’ve yet to decide whether to attend in avant-garde costume (a scarf slung nonchalantly across my polo neck, a packet of Gauloises, needlessly complicated facial hair) and denounce anybody who’s sold more than fifty books as a despicable bourgeois imbecile; or to go for a look of doughty realism (a flat cap, a donkey jacket, perhaps a pair of braces) and sit at the back, shaking my head at my pint, and muttering about pretentious intellectuals. Whatever your aesthetic stance, be there at 7:30 for an 8pm kick off, on Tuesdsay 6th September.