At the University of Gloucestershire we have a tradition of producing brilliant anthologies of our students’ Creative Writing.

First, there was Desire and Madness, published back in 2007. This was followed by Under Surveillance, which appeared in 2008. But Smoke,  the first of our modern series of annual New Writing anthologies, wasn’t launched until 2012. They say there’s no smoke without Fire, and 2013 saw the launch of a brilliant new anthology, Fire. In 2014, the eclectic Carnival anthology came to town – the third in our New Writing series and the first anthology co-edited by our Master’s students. 2015 saw the publication of Compass, and as the anthology project is embedded in our programme, each academic year will bring new ideas, new themes, and new opportunities.

Perhaps you’ll contribute a story or a poem… Or maybe you’ll be one of the editors!