How to submit your short story

To read some of our students’ short stories, or those of budding creative writers from schools and colleges that we support, click on the link below.

Student stories

We’d love to read your stories if you’re a student here at the University of Gloucestershire, or a school or college student considering a future degree in Creative Writing. We’ll read every submission, and publish the best, and we’ll try to give helpful feedback where we can. We have limited time and space so please don’t worry if you have to wait a while.

View the guidelines

  • Current University of Gloucestershire submission status: Open. New submissions will be accepted from January 1st.
  • Current school and college student submission status: Open.  New submissions are invited during December and January.

If you are a student at UoG studying one of these courses or a sixth former thinking about future studies in creative writing, send your short story to .  No submission fee is necessary. Please read our submission guidelines before entering.