Month: September 2016

First CW Society Open Mic of the Year!

That’s right, folks: the first Creative Writing Society Open Mic of the 2016-17 Academic year is happening next week, on Monday October 3rd.  These events are now a staple of the UoG programme and a lot of fun […]

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Creative Writing Society Quiz Night!

The Creative Writing Society is back and relaunching with a fun quiz at Smokey Joe’s Cafe tomorrow, Tuesday 27th October. Join your hosts, Mathias and Alice, for five rounds of fun, from 7pm-10pm. Entry is just £1 per head, so […]

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How to land a book deal worth millions

You know how we’re always saying that nobody gets rich through writing fiction? Well, once in a while someone does. This year, that someone is publishing sensation Chloé J. Esposito. If this is the first time you’ve heard […]

  Uncategorized 21 September 2016