Call for submissions

A new quarterly publication, started by students at Oxford University, is appealing for contributions to be considered for publication in its first issue. They say:

The publication, which is internet-based, will run quarterly and be available either by yearly subscriptions or purchase of individual issues. It is our aim that the most popular stories will be published in a yearly anthology. We have also secured the help of a publisher who will aid us in creating an edition for Kindle which may be sold via Amazon.

The writers will retain all rights to their work, and the hope is that as the publication becomes established we will be able to provide a platform where talented young authors and industry professionals may establish contact and a base for future cooperation.

Each issue will contain three to five short stories of varying length, with an upper cap of 1500 words. We welcome submissions of all shapes and sizes (with the reservation that they don’t exceed the upper word limit) and from people from all subject areas and levels of experience. After the submission-deadline (31/5-2012) we will send the stories to our chosen artists and they will create the accompanying art. Submissions should be addressed to We welcome queries of any sort, and such should be addressed to