Two Competitions for Young Writers!

‘Tis the season…to submit your work. Most of our undergrad students will have recently submitted a story for their end of Semester assignments. Why not take the same piece (of polished, stellar, perfectly crafted writing) and submit it to a competition? There are two with deadlines looming, designed specifically for young writers looking to kick-start their careers. First up is the 6th annual Junior Authors Short Story Contest, for writers up to the age of 21. The limit is 1,000 words, so you might need to do some trimming on those 2-3,000 word projects, or send an extract. The contest opens on the 1st of January, but the final deadline isn’t until June 30th. Secondly, the Young Writers Hub is looking for submissions for an Ipad and Android app, the theme of which is ‘Myths of the Near Future.’ Full details are available here. This one is open to any genre, any length, and writers aged 25 and under. The deadline is coming up fast, though – on January 31st. There is no fee for either competition, so they’re definitely something worth submitting to for our up-and-coming writers.

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