New face on campus

Guide_dogThere’s going to be a new face on campus this year, so here’s an important message about what to do when you meet the latest member of the Creative Writing team:

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Meg and I’m a third year Creative Writing student. I’m registered blind and I have recently acquired a guide dog. As you will probably be seeing quite a bit of us around the university campus, I wanted to make you aware of how my dog works and how you can be of help to me by not distracting him.

My guide dog will be taking me around campus and will also sit in on my lectures. He has undergone specialist training and is therefore expected to be obedient and well-behaved. I must therefore ask that you ignore him at all times. This may be easier said than done; he’s very cute and he knows it! However please respect my wishes and resist the temptation to stroke him, feed him, or interact with him in any way. This is of particular importance when he is wearing his working harness because if he’s being distracted by you, he’s not focusing on guiding me safely.

I hope you’ve had a nice Summer and are looking forward to the start of term as much as I am.


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