Double Publishing Success for UoG Creative Writing Student

Meg & TateA big congratulations are due to 3rd year Creative Writing student Meg Paul, who has had two new publications in the last two weeks (in addition to her contribution to Fire!).  First, her story ‘Seeing Without Sight’ was selected by Charlotte Melor for inclusion on her website, Through Scarlett’s Eyes.  Ms. Melor said of the piece, ‘It’s a great resource for parents who want a young adult’s view of the world with VI eyes… thought provoking, candid, and beautifully written, it’s a must read for all parents who want to increase their depth of understanding.’  The story is available to read in its entirety here.

Myths of The Near Future 2Only a week later, NAWE released the latest edition of its e-magazine Myths of the Near Future, which includes another of Meg’s stories.  Her contribution, ‘Icon,’ is a satirical look at our increasing reliance on technology.  The issue is entitled ‘Young Blood’ and is available to download from Amazon here.  The usual cover price is £1.85, but as a promotional push, it’s free for the first few days – so snap up a complimentary copy while you can!

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