Two new stories from UoG Lecturers

University of Gloucestershire Creative Writing lecturers Tyler Keevil and D.D. Johnston have published new short stories in On Spec and The Lampeter Review.

Tyler’s latest story, ‘Canine Court’, appears in the current issue of On Spec, Canada’s premiere magazine of slipsteam and speculative literature. The story is about a young immigrant trying to find his place in a small town in rural Wales. He is faced with a moral dilemma when he discovers that the family he has married into harbours a secret. There’s a dash of the supernatural in a tale that offers a new twist on genre conventions.

D.D. Johnston’s story, ‘The Invitation’, is in Issue 6 of The Lampeter Review, which you can read online here (the issue also contains new work by Patricia Duncker, Joe Dunthorne, and many others). In Johnston’s story, expecting parents Roy and Emily host a creepy visitor who seems obsessed with pregnant women. An earlier version of the story was shortlisted for the 2012 Bridport Prize.

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